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Latin Mass Society Conference...

Last Saturday, 24th May, the Latin Mass Society (LMS) held their conference in London.  The theme of the conference was “The Traditional Mass and Evangelisation”, and included such speakers as Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Very Rev Fr Michael Mary, F.SS.R.  Thanks to the LMS chairman, Dr Joseph Shaw, and to Mr Martin Gardener for the use of their photos. 
 Arriving in London early on Saturday morning meant that Father could celebrate Holy Mass in the Lady Chapel of St James’s, Spanish Place before the conference. (Photo: Dr Joseph Shaw)
 (Photo: Dr Joseph Shaw)

 (Photo: Dr Joseph Shaw)

 Bishop Athanasius Schneider delivering his address at the LMS conference in London. (Photo: Mr Martin Gardener)
 Fr Michael Mary spoke on the need to pass on the Catholic traditions to the next generation.
 Father spoke not only of liturgical tradition, but also traditional devotion and doctrine, especially of the eternal truths: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider brought the conference to a close with his blessing.
Very Rev. Fr Michael Mary and Br Martin Mary pictured with Bishop Schneider after the conference. (Photo: Mr Martin Gardener)

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