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‘Never Needed You More’...

A subscriber recently noted on a renewal form: “Keep up the good work. The Church has never needed you more.”

We are certainly encouraged by those words as we work to bring St. Anthony Messenger to our readers. We seek to be good companions on your faith journey, introducing you to faith-filled Catholics and other Christians, explaining developments in Church teaching and practice, presenting articles about living faith in this country and abroad, inspiring you and offering columns to meet your varied interests (including Pete and Repeat!).

Just as physical journeys have challenges (for example, bad weather), faith journeys can also. We are there with you.

And now we are with you digitally as well. St. Anthony Messenger now offers a digital edition—FREE to its print subscribers—which can be accessed via a computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Playbook. Our digital edition offers rich, additional content: videos, audio samples, and links to other products from Franciscan Media.

For print subscribers who want to learn more about their digital edition, click here.

If you’re interested in a digital-only subscription, click here.

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