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Why So Serious?...

For me, the go-to film to watch when I’m desperate for a laugh is Annie Hall. It’s Woody Allen’s masterpiece, and few other films make me laugh quite like this film. One scene in particular just levels me. Allen’s Alvy Singer—a jaded and suspicious New Yorker to his very bones—is trapped at a party in Los Angeles filled with empty-headed and image-obsessed industry folks. He observes two gentlemen talking about a show they’d like to produce.

“Right now it’s only a notion,” one says to the other, “but I think I can get money to make it into a concept—and later turn it into an idea.” It was a scene so perfectly written and so effortlessly executed. I lose it every time I watch it. Nobody does sarcasm like Woody.

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Laughter is contagious. It’s also a healing agent. Research has shown that laughter can lower blood pressure, increase vascular blood flow, and increase responses of tumor- and disease-killing cells. So lighten up: laughing pays dividends.

And that’s why humor is the theme to the May issue of Liberty+Vine—how it can remedy the body and soothe the soul. James Martin, SJ, a regular on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and America magazine’s editor at large, writes about how it’s important to laugh with the saints in this month’s issue. And two of our staff members, Angela Glassmeyer and Susan Hines-Brigger, recall funny and faith-affirming moments they’ve shared with their children.

Writer Victor Hugo once wrote that “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” The staff of Liberty+Vine, especially after a difficult winter, hope that you’re always smiling.

This blog was taken from the most recent issue of Liberty+Vine.

Photo: sonya etchison/PhotoXpress

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