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Getting Back in the Groove...

It’s Wednesday after vacation week, and I’m still trying to get back into the groove. I suppose this is the mark of a good vacation, one that is so completely relaxing that it’s difficult to resume the harried pace, take up the multiple tasks, deal with the ongoing committments, etc. etc. etc., that brought you to the point of screaming, “I need a break!” in the first place.

A few good cups of coffee in the morning help. Although I started the vacation day with coffee — usually at 6 am, because it’s wonderful to wake up early when all you have to do is figure out how to enjoy the day – it was more to spark some energy for a good three mile walk before the sun became too hot. Getting back in the groove, coffee serves another purpose, to clarify the mind and inspire some motivation to dive into the “to do” list.

It took me three days to begin to sort through the mail that had piled up after a week, including emails and other electronic missives. Even with that, it dawned on me that I could have let things go a few more days and it really wouldn’t have made that much of a difference; I just would have been somewhat disconnected from the world, that’s all.

Sabbath time, vacation time and rest, is a vanishing commodity for many, including me. This last week’s vacation reminded me that I need to spend more time in sabbath practice, to learn how to make it part of the ebb and flow of my life rather than an oasis I’m reluctant to leave.


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