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Polish Archbishop predicts ugly confrontations at Synod: “innovators have not been idle”...

At the blog Witness for Church and Pope I saw this (my emphases):

BREAKING NEWS from POLAND: Archbishop Henryk Hoser: “The Church has betrayed John Paul II…they did not follow his voice, they did not acquaint themselves with his teaching”

Today’s Niedziela, from Poland, carries an interview with Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warsaw-Praga, about the recent acts of treachery against Our Lord, His Church and our recently sainted Pope, St. Pope John Paul II. These acts of treachery were committed by an assortment of innovators at last October’s Synod of the Family. These innovators have not been idle, and neither have the defenders of the truth about the sanctity of holy matrimony. I predicted to a friend recently that the upcoming Synod will be an ugly confrontation, that (for example) the Polish Episcopate will never surrender to the innovators. We now have conclusive evidence that this is true. When an archbishop has to publicly proclaim that a canonized saint Pope has been betrayed, then we can see the depth of the rebellion, and the “filth” (c.f. Pope Benedict XVI) that has infiltrated the Mystical Body of Christ.

Key highlights from Archbishop Hoser, which I have translated, include:

On the delegates who seek to overturn the doctrine of the Church:

At the Synod there will be a confrontation with delegates from countries where there is already a majority of pathological families – broken families, patchwork families, with only a small percentage of unbroken marriages – and the demand for the provision of Holy Communion for the divorced. In this lies an erroneous assumption, the postulate that God’s mercy is without justice, when you must begin by saying that married and family life must be founded in justice, which as a whole is not taken into account….

On the influence of the media on sexuality:

…All personal relationships are eroticized, and this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Sexualization of friendship has destroyed male and female friendship…the texts of various theorists of this trend [genderism] proves that the world is ruled by sexual satisfaction…

…Genderism is not a struggle for equality between women and men: it is a fight with all constitutive social structures, referred to as stereotypes; in the first place with the “traditional family.” It has created a society of independent individuals. A society both asexual and pansexual.

On the Church:

The church is a prophetic voice in this world. This is not to be understood as some sort of soothsayer forecasting the future. The function of the prophet is the attitude of the consequence of enlightening the situation form God’s perspective, reading the sign of the times.

On Pope John Paul II and marriage:

I will tell you brutally. The Church has betrayed John Paul II. Not the Church as the Bride of Christ, not the Church of our Creed, because John Paul II was an expression, an authentic voice of the Church; but it is the pastoral practice that has betrayed John Paul II.

It is a thesis [theory] to which I subscribe because 40 years of my priesthood has been devoted to marriage and the family, during which time I promoted the theme of “the evangelization of marital intimacy”. In Poland it is and was better in this respect.

In many other countries, due to the contestation to the teachings of the Church, as expressed by Blessed Paul VI, the pastoral care of families was stopped.


Read the rest there.

¡Hagan lío!

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