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Relax–and Strengthen...

Today we welcome guest blogger Kathy Coffey. This comes from the “Living Simply” column in St. Anthony Messenger.

A simple cure for frustration, stress or fatigue isn’t always found in the pharmacy or medicine cabinet. Instead, it’s closer to home: a deep, belly breath. Breathing has always been sacred to the world’s religious traditions. We believe that humanity began when God breathed life into us (Genesis 2:7), and that Jesus continued this gift by breathing the Holy Spirit into the disciples (John 20:22).

At stressful times, we take short, shallow breaths. But what we need most then is more oxygen, not less. It may be the easiest New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made. Allow the breath to anchor and energize, naturally.

So the next time you want to scream at a salesperson or collapse for a nap, try this source of calm and energy instead.

Inhale so that your stomach swells like a balloon. (Place one hand there to make sure it’s happening.) Pause, then exhale completely so the stomach is slightly hollowed.

Then match prayer to breath. Spontaneous words are good: “Thank you for the breath of life.” Or borrow from the Bible: “It’s good to be here.” “I came that you might have life.” Or Rumi: “Lord, how good the air smells today!”

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